Given To Fly


Rhia always had an affinity for winged creatures, the way they soared and took the air as their own. Despite her vertigo and resulting terror of heights, Rhia somehow felt that if she had wings, if she knew nothing could knock her down, that fear would dissipate with the sheer joy of flight.

Watching Furiad from the balcony of his chamber as he soared in the morning air unfettered by his armor…

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Edge Of the Blade

Edge Of the Blade


“He is inhuman,” he said at last. “But why should he be human? Are angels supposed to be human?”

T.H. White, The Ill-Made Knight

Rhia was good, very good – for a human. Her katana flowed with a grace that belied her imperfect form, her strikes against his blade fierce as any he’d taken from his winged brethren. Furiad was indeed toying with her, wanting nothing better than to end her where…

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Burn me with your sun-kissed gaze
shelter me with blood-drenched steel
though I am but fragile flesh
strong is the desire I feel

Break me if you must
slaughter me with your smile
just let me soar in your ether
if only for a little while

So come, my winged fury
take me where I lay
swifter than a falcon’s fall
come, now, and claim your prey

©2014 Spiritwind Studios

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