Daybook - Entry 10

Daybook – Entry 10


When I looked into his eyes, I could tell he’d reverted back to the beast he once was, yet there was a weariness to him even so.

“What I’m about to tell you, Shin’ar,” he said, walking beside me, his energy boiling just beneath the surface, the calm before a storm, “I want transcribed, word for word.”

“We don’t tell tales, Hatake,” I replied, walking toward a café, choosing a discreet…

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enemy, my friend….*

enemy, my friend….*

Lilith Colbert:

Wish this was in wider U.S. release…. an Oscar nod for both stars is sure…..

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Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 6.11.39 AM

Hiroyuki Sanada as Takashi Nagase

today (4/11) is the official release date  in the U.S. for the RAILWAY MAN.

Stories of the human spirit…the ability to endure hardship….triumph in the face of (seemingly) insurmountable circumstances, are INSPIRING  to say the least.  …

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Daybook - Entry 9

Daybook – Entry 9

Paris 1920 (10)

The stench of humanity is overwhelming in this city, permeating the very pavement upon which I stride, reeking with desperation, hope, hunger, all which these short-lived mortals have yet to fully grasp.

Paris has always been grotesquely garish, its palaces and monuments a study of the hodge-podge, eccentric nature of its elite, while the common citizenry walk about as if they are a a part…

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Daybook - Entry 8: History So Shall Remain

Daybook – Entry 8: History So Shall Remain


Hiro was indeed telling the truth when he spoke to Julia of his daughter. It was the Warring States period after all, and Kyoto was as volatile as the Middle East is now, being the capital of Japan before it moved to Tokyo, then called Edo. As a practitioner of ninjutsu, Hatake was, and still is, a master of subterfuge and strategy, a brutal and merciless tactician, disguising himself as a…

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It’s a bit late, I know, but I am participating in NaPoWriMo this month (just remembered it was THIS month – AK!) and today’s prompt is the “golden shovel,” a form that begs you to take the last word from a known poem and make it the last word of your own. Kudos to those who can guess which I decided to use – it is by far one of my favorites.

Wretched wraiths of night come as sheets of rain…

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"do you know the way to san jose? wo wo wo wo wo wo wo-wo wo whooooooa"….

“do you know the way to san jose? wo wo wo wo wo wo wo-wo wo whooooooa”….

Lilith Colbert:

Thanks to Miss Rei for the shout out!! Do check out this beautiful blog centering on our Hiro for interviews and features a-plenty :)

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Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.13.53 AM FAN

okay…..i THINK hatake/hiro might have at least a guest appearance in season 2!!!!

steven maeda (executive producer/show runner) sat down with the AFTERBUZZ hosts in a recent podcast, talking about the season 2…

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